I remember the first time that I met him very clearly. At that time,  I was reading madly about the World War II, in the process of which I was constantly being told more or less the same story. Then I took a book called "Origins of the World War 2". AJP Taylor instantly became my star. Although none of the other writings of his impressed me as much as the "Second Thoughts" part of his Origins of the WW2, he still continued to be one of my personal favorites.
    Although it is very important for a historian to be impartial, and AJP Taylor always looks at the events from above and not from any side, he may, for some people,  seem to on the side of controversy. But I believe that it is those new ideas, even they may be wrong , that make the difference between a history enthusiast who just learns history and a historian who, after learning, writes about what he learned. Of course, for the process of writing, one should mention here the need for a fascinating style, which AJP Taylor is undoubtedly well endowed with.

    Second thoughts is the addition that he made to the second edition of his book "The Origins of the Second World War" possibly as a reply to harsh criticisms. Th

        Other books of AJP Taylor that I read.

        A search I made in my sister's university's library revealed 21 of his books. Other than those listed here, I ran into an introduction written by him in a book about German history called, "Basic History of Modern Germany" by Louis L. Snyder
Library of Congress card no: 57-11308