• Assist. Prof. Harika S. Kahveci received THE GAS TURBINE AWARD at ASME Turbo Expo 2015 in Montreal, Canada, in June 2015. THE GAS TURBINE AWARD was established in 1963 by the Gas Turbine Division, now the International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI). The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the literature of combustion gas turbines or gas turbines thermally combined with nuclear or steam power plants. Assist. Prof. Harika S. Kahveci received this prestigious award for the paper titled “Comparison of Temperature Profile and Heat Transfer Predictions With Statistically-Modeled Data From a Cooled 1-1/2 Stage High-Pressure Transonic Turbine.”
  • " METU Center for Wind Energy - MetuWind" is being established in the leadership of the Dept. of Aerospace Engineering and is a collaborative effort of eight METU departments including Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Materials and Civil Engineering as well as Department of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning and Department of Business Administration. This is a three-year multi-million dollar project funded by the State Planning Agency of Turkey. The center will be a part of the Renewable Energy, Eco-systems and Sustainability Research Platform of METU. The center will have test facilities and state-of-the-art measurement equipment for wind energy related research.

    Potential areas of research include unsteady rotor aerodynamics, integrated design of wind turbine systems, wind farm design and optimization, topographical analysis and micrositing, energy storage, power electronics and smart grid systems, innovative control techniques and adaptive control, smart structures, composites (thermoplastics), mechanics of composite materials, material characterization, damage mechanics, structural optimization, structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, innovative manufacturing techniques for composite blades, tower and foundation design, architectural integration.